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Illustrations Oda-sensei drew for Jump Festa 2013

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This weeks One Piece chapter will be epic. Everyone - batten the hatches and keep the spoilers to a minimum. Let people find out for themselves, okay? Let’s not spoil the amazement for those who currently don’t know.

Be conscientious One Piece fans this season~

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One Penis… I mean Piece.

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I’m going to have a panic attack.


Don’t fret, OP fans. It’s just that the Magazine new year starts about 4 issues into the same year, so basically there’ll be a one week break (next week) and the next week Issue #2 of 2014 will be out, in which OP will return.

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So apparently this legit happened. Thank you, Oda~


Dawww, look at what a fanboy this crude lad is and tell me you don’t love him to bits. Even if the Mangapanda translation is terrible every week I have to forgive them if they got his lines wrong because of what a cutie-patootie he is.

When will Luffy-senpai notice him? So kewaii~<3

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Because I enjoy this so much I’m gonna have a crack at translating it.

R: In chapter 701, the map that Law showed is drawn by his nakama right? And by nakama I mean that one that’s called Bepo right? Because on the lower right corner it has his paw prints right? Right? (P.N. Takaaki T.)

O: You’re right. Because Bepo is the Heart Pirate’s navigator, so he drew it.

R: Odacchi! In chapter 700 when Sanji made onigiri for Law who hates bread, what’s the filling for the onigiri? (P.N. Natsuki)

O: Hmm… The first one is chicken mayonaise, and then okaka, umeboshi (the one that’s SUPER sour). By the way, Law absolutely hates umeboshi. After that he and Sanji had a fight.

R: What is the name of Law’s sword? How many tattoos does Law have!? Odacchi… Please draw all of Law’s tattoo! (>_<)

O: All right, I got it— Well then, from my sketch notes [points to tattoo] He has slightly strange heart tattoos. I wonder if there’s a reason for that? The name of his katana is Kikoku [correction: it’s comprised of the kanji oni and naku, making it Demon’s Cry. Thank you chippokenabokura for the correction] [also thank you clarifying the blurry kanji!] It’s not in the list of famous swords, it’s a youtou [demon sword, magical sword]

I think this is one of my only reblogs, but who doesn’t love some SBS?

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Um, I see people do the One Piece 30 Day Challenge and I was curious on where the questions are because I sort of wanna do it.

Please tell me where?

There are quite a few spread around but if you look here:

and here’s another:

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I watched Movie Z not too long ago and I just have to say - this has to be one of my favourite end of arc/movie fights in a long time. Just the epic blow-by-blow, mano-e-mano fist fight, coupled with the respect and the ending sequence … well, let’s just say I thought it was awesome.

I wasn’t a big fan of the plot about the three islands/hot spots but the rest of it; seeing my darling marines (and ex-marine), baby Nami, Chopper and teen Robin, creepy Sanji (XD) and certain other scenes (bath scene anyone?) more than made up for it. And that ending, of course.

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While not my favourite of the possible candidates for joining the crew, there’s no denying Jimbe has his own style, nor that he’s one cool customer. Fishmen just rock.

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